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Emerging Technology Limited is located in Hong Kong and Shenzhen and is engaged in the development and marketing of original concept innovative products and solution. Current products include the Human Machine (touch-screen) Interface Controller, "Call-Me-Back" communication device in automobiles, the Face Recognition/ RFID dual authentication for "time-in-and-out" control and a Smart Thermostat control. Emerging Technology Limited encourages and invites potential partners in distribution and direct marketing of these products and solution. For potential cooperation, please contact us at enquiry@etl.com.hk.

Emerging Technology Limited 於香港和深圳從事原始概念創新產品和解決方案的開發和營銷。當前的產品包括人機界面(觸摸屏)控制器, 車聯網通信設備並具有獨立應程式平台,用於“進出時間”控制的人臉識別/ RFID雙重認證以及智能恆溫器控制。本集團鼓勵並邀請合作夥伴分銷和直接營銷這些產品和解決方案。如有意合作,請通過enquiry@etl.com.hk與我們聯繫。

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